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Message from the President
Challenge is the Door to Opportunity
Shigeru Matsumoto President, Kokusai Co., Ltd.

Thank you for visiting the website of KOKUSAI Co., Ltd.

As a specialized manufacturer of measuring machinery based on vibration measurement technology, Kokusai has sought since the beginning to develop its own outstanding expertise. Kokusai has also worked to rapidly discover our userís needs as part of our passionate commitment to developing the measurement machinery that our customers need of. After three decades of business, the company has successfully established a solid platform as a corporation whose success is driven by technological development.

Kokusai was originally established as a marketer and producer of balancers for miniature motors. Since then, the company has expanded its customer based to serve the information, automotive,and tire industries. Kokusaiís lineup of machinery includes product categories in which the company holds the No. 1 market share both overseas and in Japan. Exports account for more than half of Kokusaiís net sales.

Rotators used in applications from motors to vehicles are becoming lighter, smaller and rotate at faster speeds. The balance of these parts has a major impact on the performance of the end products they are used in.

At Kokusai, we are dedicated to continually improving our precision measuring technology and developing increasingly refined methodologies for our high-performance automatic testing machines. It is part of Kokusaiís ongoing commitment to contribute to advancements in the quality of rotating parts, a challenge we are meeting head on. We thank you for your continued support and interest in our firm.

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